H.P.Sodium Halogen Lights(PX-S ) (PX-H)

Hazardous areas, Zone 1 and Zone 2
Ex "d" Flameproof enclosure

According to rules of standard IEC79-0, 79-1, 529

Protection Degree : Ex-de IIB T3, T4, IP66

Flame retardant threaded joints-no external seal required
Easy assembly and lamp change
Exterior connection box
Ballast is incorporated (HPS only)
-20°C to+45°C as standard

Housing: Cast aluminium alloy(AC7A)
Globe : Clear polycarbonate
Guard : Stainless steel
Reflector : Internal high polished aluminium anodized

Powder coated yellow 10YR7/14 G40
and enamelled up to 70~80
µm thickness.

Light sources: Hign pressure sodium (HPS) lamp 400W Max.
Halogen lamp : 500W Max.
Lamp base: E39/40(HPS), R7S(HALOGEN)
Cable entry: One(1) or Two (2) cable glands NPT 3/4" 
(Max.diameter 18mm cable)
Mounting : Adjustable bracket 3 mounting holes each, dia 13mm
Voltage and Frequency: AC220V 60Hz standard

Others voltage and frequency on request


Model no. and Dimensions
Model No. Capacity L D H Weight(Kg)
PX-S15d 150W 474 271 410 26.3
PX-S40d 400W 474 271 410 29
PX-H30d 300W 474 271 410 20.2
PX-H50d 500W 474 271 410 20.2